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Landscaping Products

Products We Sell:

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Product Delivery and Blower Service Tips:

Have all your weeding and weed control products
installed prior to our product renovation!

  • One Unit equals 7.4 cubic yards

  • One Unit covers 1200 square feet at 2 inches deep

  • One Yard covers 320 square feet at 1 inch deep

Make sure that all air conditioning units
 are shut off on installation day!





Barkdust Landscaping:

  • Insulates
  • Attractive
  • Builds Soil
  • Stops Weeds
  • Holds Moisture
  • Improves Drainage
  • Increases Soil Aeration

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Choose from a Variety of Decorative Products:

  • Fir Barkdust (Fresh or Dark)

  • Hemlock Barkdust (Sliver Free)

  • Garden Mulch (Organic Compost)

Colors range from the traditional red to dark brown-black shades in Fir or Hemlock Barkdust.  All of these products come in either medium or fine grind.

If you prefer the darker, richer looking ground cover, Garden Mulch is the choice, which is black in color, to provide an outstanding contrast in your landscape that also acts as an organic ground cover.

Put down that shovel and let
Grimm's Advanced Bark Blowing 
install your new ground cover for you! 
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  • 1 unit - of bark material equals 7 1/2 cubic yards.  This unit will cover 2400 square feet, one inch deep
  • 1 yard - will cover 320 square feet, one inch deep


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Cedar Chips

  • Cedar Chips Ideal for filling around playgrounds

Put down that shovel and let
Grimm's Advanced Bark Blowing 
install your ground cover for you! 
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Available U-Haul, Delivered or Installed - Call Today!

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Decorative Rock

  • River Rock ....3/4" - 2"
    From local river beds multicolored gray, black, brown, ideal for carefree landscaping.
  • Crushed Rock....1/4" - 1/2"
    Superior on pathway or driveway surfaces.  Crushed rock settle in fast and compacts so it won't spread or turn when walked or driven on.
  • Red Cinder....1/2" - 3/4"
    This is lava rock from Central Oregon crushed and screened for attractive landscaping.
  • Pea Gravel
Any of these materials are ideal for the latest innovative landscaping and complement many other types of ground cover.

If you plan on hauling either the River Rock or the Crushed Rock, remember that it averages about 3,000 pounds to the yard.


Available U-Haul or Delivered

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Soils and Soil Amendments

The Ideal Solution to Improving Poor Quality Soils

Good Soil that is rich in organic matter is the foundation of a healthy, productive landscape and garden.  
Healthy soil requires less watering, less fertilizer, and promotes strong, vigorous plants with extensive root systems.  At Grimm's Fuel Company, we strive to provide a broad selection of mulch, compost, and amendments to meet all of your gardening needs.  Whether you are breaking up clay soil, improving your vegetable or flower garden, or starting a new landscape, you can count on Grimm's to provide the highest quality products and service.  Custom mixing is available, call for details.

 We help take the work out of yard work!

Grimm's Garden Mulch

This Organic Compost is made from lawn and garden trimmings.  Whether spread on top or mixed with regular garden soil, Grimm's Garden Mulch is ideal for all types of planting. Grimm's Garden Mulch is black,rich and full of beneficial microbes that will help improve your soil.... and is an excellent all purpose soil amendment and ground cover.  Garden Mulch is tested and certified to meet US Composting Council standards.

Recommended Use: As a top dressing - apply 2" to 3" to the surface.  As a soil amendment - apply up to 2" to the surface and rototill with 2" to 4" of existing soil.  Apply lime and fertilizer as needed


Formulated as a high quality soil amendment, this blend of Grimm's Garden Mulch and Mushroom Compost (the compost mushrooms were grown in it) is the ideal amendment for enhancing poor quality soils.  From vegetable gardens to lawns and flower beds.  Mushroom Mulch is the soil amendment for all your planting needs.

Recommended Use:  Apply up to 2" to the surface and rototill with 2" to 4" of existing soil.  Apply lime as needed.

Grimm's Potting 

This "soiless" potting mix is used by both commercial nurseries and homeowners for container gardening.  Aged Barkdust, Mushroom Compost, Grimm's Garden Mulch, pumice, and sand are blended together to form a well balanced growing medium suitable for most container growing applications.

Recommended Use:  Outdoor containers, hanging baskets, planters, and 4" plus containers.  Note: Container Gardening requires special attention to fertilizing and watering.

Grimm's Lawn 
& Turf Mix

This mix is specifically formulated as a starter base for new lawns (sod, seed or hydromulch).  Grimm's Garden Mulch is blended with sand and aged barkdust. Grimm's Lawn and Turf Mix can also be used to top dress and level an existing lawn after aeration.

Recommended Use:  Apply up to 2" to the surface of your existing tilled and amended soil.  Consult your lawn care professional for best results.

Grimm's Blended Soil

The ideal alternative to top soil. Blended Soil is a mixture of Grimm's Garden Mulch, sand loam, top soil, and manure.  Excellent for vegetable gardens, lawns, and native plants.  Perfect for those jobs where you need more dirt, such as berms, raised beds, flower beds or lawn areas.

Recommended Use:  This soil is ready for direct planting.  Plant directly into this mix and fertilize according to the plants nutritional requirements.

Available U-Haul, Delivered or Installed - Call Today!

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