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Coverage Calculator

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Grimm's Advanced Bark Blowing in Action...

Cedar Chips are great for playgrounds

Your installations are completed quickly

Grimm's Advanced Bark Blowing makes the big jobs easy

Large area jobs can be completed with ease by our professional staff

Grimm's Blower in Action...

We provide soil for your garden beds and lawn

Put down that shovel! Let us do the work for you.

Installation Tips:

One Unit equals 7.4 cubic yards

One Unit covers 1200 square feet at 2 inches deep

One Yard covers 320 square feet at 1 inch deep

Make sure that all air conditioning units are shut off on installation day!

Preparing Your Area for Your New Lawn:

Step 1:

Apply a mild herbicide to kill old lawn and weeds.(Follow manufacturer's instructions. Allow 2-4 weeks before reseeding)

Step 2:

Thatch, rake and remove old/dead grass.

Step 3:

Aerate soil.(Water first if necessary).

Things to Remember:


Keep soil moist until seeds are germinated

Water 3 or 4 times daily. Adjust water to match weather

Avoid over watering, puddles and run off.


1 unit covers 2400 square feet at 1 inch deep

1 unit covers 1200 square feet at 2 inches deep

Coverage Calculator

Barkdust and other ground covers





Cubic Yards Required: 

1 Cubic Yard = 27 Cubic Feet
1 Unit = 7.4 Cubic Yards = 200 Cubic Feet